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Your donation goes a long way in The Village. Whether it's a one off contribution to the Garden of Lesotho or providing monthly support to the development of The Village of Solihull...


Help us to continue our work, and see how your money can shape and protect the future of members of The Village!


Tidings of Comfort and Joy 

A 12 Days of Christmas Charity Hamper 

A hamper of 12 gifts, prompts and daily rituals to cultivate self-care over this Christmas period.

Let’s face it, 2020 has left us all a little worn out and in need of a generous helping of comfort and joy. In purchasing our hamper for someone you love, yourself (or both!) you can rest, reset and step into 2021 with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

For each item you receive, a corresponding gift be given to isolated individuals facing disadvantage in one of our Village projects around the world.

We have sold out on our Charity Hamper but we are still accepting donations! Please see the list of items below...


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Here are a few items that we are running low on: 

Can you help by contributing to the education and wellbeing of a Herd Boy?

The Semonkong Children's Centre caters for over 50 vulnerable children. Can you help to keep it running?

Can you help to equip young people in developing their vocational and enterprising skills for the future?